Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is an unique Concept, which is extended as a part of the Rejuvenation Measures provided Iin Dhanvandhiri Vaidyasala. We provide various Rejuvenation Medical Packages Like Vaj karna (relaxation and strengthening of Nerves) – 7 days , Sareera Raksha (cleansing of the body)- 5 days , Uthvardhana (Metabolism correction and Weight loss of the body) – 21 days etc to give extraordinary relaxation, cleansing and lubrication to all your joints, muscles, nerves and Skin.


These Packages Include

  • Full body Massage (abhyanga)
  • Mud Bath
  • Banana Leaf Bath,
  • Naranga Ilai Bath,
  • Steam bath,
  • River Bath,
  • Forest Bath, and tamil traditional Foods.


This Package Benefits are

  1. Relieves all body pains
  2. Slow down your aging
  3. Improves your Physical and Mental strength
  4. Prevent diseases
  5. Improves Immunity
  6. Regulates Blood Circulation
  7. Gives Good Sleep
  8. Removes Tension and Stress


These treatments can be done in flexible packages from 2 days to 28 days, according to the need of the person.


Dhanvandhiri Vaidyasala

Dhanvandhiri Vaidyasala is a traditional Herbal Hospital located in Theni. Dhanvandhiri Vaidyasala provides 'Holistic' Methods of Treatments like Ayurvedha, Siddha and Homeopathy.

Contact Information

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Aranmanai Pudhur,

Theni - 625531

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Chennai - 600082

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