Rejuvenation is a medical discipline focused on the practical reversal of the aging process. It is an methodology of  making someone look and feel better, younger, or more vital through a series of treatment procedures.

It involves in cleansing the body (by eliminating the wastes through sweat and feces), strengthening the body (by strengthening the muscles, bones and nerves through massages from herbal oils) and Lubricating the body ( by basti ).

Patients feels Younger and More Vital with Enthusiasm after these procedures.

This may be done from 3 – 21 days by various methods.

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Dhanvandhiri Vaidyasala

Dhanvandhiri Vaidyasala is a traditional Herbal Hospital located in Theni. Dhanvandhiri Vaidyasala provides 'Holistic' Methods of Treatments like Ayurvedha, Siddha and Homeopathy.

Contact Information

Theni-Kandamanur Road,

Aranmanai Pudhur,

Theni - 625531

(+91) 98427 75242

Opposite to Vivekananda School,

School Road, Sakthivel Nagar,


Chennai - 600082

(+91) 7358560776